In Hell there are banquet tables bountifully laden with wonderful food in great abundance. The people have paddles strapped to their arms so they cannot bend their elbows to put food in their own mouths. Instead they scoop food onto their paddles and toss the food into the air hoping to catch it in their mouth as it falls. Most are gaunt and hungry, some are starving. They frequently fight fiercely in order to catch the other person’s food. Because of this fighting and inefficiency, much of the food falls to the ground. The ground is polluted with putrefying food that immediately contaminates any fresh food that falls on it. The wasted decaying food pollutes the environment and causes sickness. Only the strongest, most aggressive fighters have enough to eat. Many are hungry and some are starving. Almost everyone is tattered and injured from frequent battles.

In Heaven there is the same arrangement of food and people with paddles strapped to their arms. Here all the people are happy, fit, well-fed, and uninjured. The floor is clean and the air is clear and filled with the aromas of fine food. In Heaven people scoop food onto their paddles and feed each other.

Our planet is a bountiful banquet. We are capable of scooping up enough to feed and care for everyone. We have failed to do this for so long that many do not believe dramatic change in their lifetime is possible. Many large nations devote more of their discretionary resources on maintaining military power than on caring for people.
To function better, something must change. A smarter, wiser, kinder, more honorable and altruistic population would be desirable. Unfortunately, history reveals that basic human nature in aggregate changes very little. The oldest human behavior recorded by historians or depicted in literature is understandable and consistent with human nature and behavior in any time period including the present.

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