A summary in rhyme (to save you time)

Dictatorship, monarchy, and theocracy,
have given way to a modern democracy
A great improvement, but today it is spoken,
even the best Democracies are now broken.

Because voters can vote officials out,
voters continue to have some clout.
Yet today most incumbents get to stay,
and money has gained a tremendous sway.

Where candidates pay to be heard,
money earns the first and last word.
Pandering paid-talkers can have more sway,
than what candidate's have time to say.

Once only true facts were consequential,
now lies and false stories may prevail.
Some voters may only hear
lies pandering to their fear

Would you be willing to go to prison,
because of a mass public decision,
delivered by voters without benefit of a trial,
or having listened to your defense for even awhile?

If a mob is not fit,
to convict or acquit,
why is it fit to an election decide
upon which much of our future will reside?

We can do much better than election by mob.
A trial-like system would do a better job.
Once more a new kind of election,
will allow government's progression.

A Tribunal Convention will be created for each election.
Its job will be to evaluate candidates and make a selection.
The Convention will take place in one great hall.
Televised so it can be witnessed by all.

With Tribunocracy citizens may register,
not to vote, but for something important and better.
They may offer to serve as Tribunes for a short while,
If selected by public drawings like for jurors in a Trial.

Because Tribunes witness a Tribunal Convention,
requiring their recent and prolonged attention,
the power of money previously spent,
will be greatly diminished by this event.

Like a dramatic trial, the public it will entertain.
Live coverage will give the media a lucrative gain.
It will be reality TV, more real than a game.
Once seen, elections will never be viewed the same.

Just one TV debate with its false pretension,                                                                                                      could be replaced with a Tribunal Convention.                                                                                                     The Tribunal Vote afterward would be nonbinding,                                                                                           testing Tribunocracy and better informing.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Before Tribunocracy is fully trusted or universal,
it should be tried with elections minor and small,
One might begin by selecting officers now appointed,
or electing judges with whom voters become acquainted.

Advancing technology sets the stage,                                                                                                                       
better government brings a new age.
Tribunocracy is inevitable with time,
its life began when you read this rhyme

© 1979-2012 Dale J. Retter, all rights reserved. V10